We each have very personal ways of remembering loved ones.  The new Cedar Shoals High School Memory Garden is an outward and collective way to honor students, faculty, administrators and staff who have died since or during their association with the school.

The Green Acres Garden Club, along with the Cedar Shoals High School community, has started a project that will add beauty to the grounds of the new school, provide space for a teaching laboratory and become a place for reflection and remembrance.  The enclosed list of names has been identified through personal knowledge, by others who have submitted names -- and truthfully, some by hearsay.  We need to verify that all are correct.  Please contact Jemmay McLure (548-5144 or jcmclure@worldnet.att.net) for additions or corrections.

The architectural plans include specific trees, seasonal flowering perennials, border plants and ground covers.  The names of each person on the list enclosed will be placed on a brick to accent the garden.  A plaque designating the Memory Garden will be placed on the school building near the garden.

We hope you will want to make a contribution to support the project; approximate expenses are $10,000.  Your check may be made payable to CSHS Memory Garden Fund and sent to Annette Johnson, Bookkeeper, Cedar Shoals High School, 1300 Cedar Shoals Drive, Athens 30605.  You will receive an acknowledgement of your gift which is tax deductible.  If you are honoring another family, and so indicate on your check, they will also receive an acknowledgement.

Another way to support this project is to become involved in the actual construction and planting of the garden.  There is space in addition to the landscape plan in a natural area where bulbs and additional plants can be used.

A dedication of the garden has been set for Sunday, November 9, at 3:00p.m. at Cedar Shoals High School.  We hope to see you there.


Edell Raburn and Jemmay McLure
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